Introducing NeEraTight, the new generation of fast, effective, and versatile treatments for the body and face.

As we grow older, it is natural for the laxity of skin to decrease, causing lower self-esteem in body confidence. And while nothing can slow down the ageing process, there are solutions to help tighten the skin and to contour the body, without the invasiveness of surgery and the harshness of chemicals.

For over 50 years, Lumenis have been the leaders in innovative energy-based technologies. Recognising that everyone is different, and body confidence is for everybody, they have created a new non-invasive skin smoothing platform equipped with the means to treat a number of aesthetic skin concerns – because no two patients are exactly alike.

The NuEra Tight is one of the most advanced and intelligent skincare innovations of our time, marking a new level of personalised aesthetic treatments tailored specifically to each patient’s body and skin requirements.

This patent-protected innovation can effectively treat the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, bra, and back fat, as well as around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and neck, all on the one treatment session.

How does NuEra Tight work?

Using radiofrequency (RF) technology, NuEra Tight targets an infinite collection of aesthetic concerns including fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite smoothing and wrinkle reduction.

Combining intelligence with purposeful design, NuEra Tight harnesses the power of innovation naturally heating the skin, inducing collagen contraction and creation, restoring the body’s own healing mechanism, and delivering natural, lasting results, with zero downtime.

This state-of-the-art technology is also the only device on the market with a 5 frequency offering to control the depth of heat, to target the exact skin layer for maximum efficacy.

• 470kHz –Deep heating
• 1 and 2mHz – Medium depth
• 4 and 6mHz – Superficial (face)

With its ability to heat as far as 4cm below the dermis, NuEra Tight can reach past visceral fat, break down fat cells and effectively slim the body, whilst stimulating an increase in collagen production, making it possible to remodel the tissue and smooth the skin.

Ensuring product longevity and quality, NuEra Tight’ works with a resistive bipolar handpiece or one of 2 monopolar handpieces. Including 8 different sized electrodes (20mm to 100mm), with coated capacitive energy transfer (CCET) for improved comfort and uniform energy distribution.

Key benefits of NuEra Tight

Treatment Depth Control

Experience a new level of control with FocalRF, utilising multiple RF frequencies to dial-in the depth of energy penetration accounting for tissue thickness variations between body areas such as face, to arms to abdomen or thighs.

Customised Treatment Protocol

NuLogic technology sets a new benchmark for personalised treatments. The NuLogic treatment protocol combines multiple treatment parameters in a single treatment session, allowing operators to have more control in treating each of the tissue layers – with the right parameters for each tissue composition, or to treat multiple indications for a more impactful treatment result.

Ideal Treatment Temperature
NuEra Tight uses Automatic Power and Impedance Control (APIC) technology so that you can focus on treating your patients with the light and ergonomic handpiece, while letting the system take care of delivering the right temperature and power to ensure safety and efficacy for your patients.

Combined, NuEra Tight’s technological innovations offer the ability to provide patients with a treatment specially designed to suit their body features, achieving predictable and consistent results every time.

Patient satisfaction and safety
With many patients describing the treatment as similar to having hot stone massage, each session is completely painless, comfortable, and safe. This approach keeps patients coming back to your practice, helping you to achieve a better return on investment.

Furthermore, NuEra Tight includes modern single use disposable return pad, eliminating the risk of cross contamination and ensuring the wellbeing of your patients.

Offering an unparalleled level of personalisation and a suite of innovative safety features, NuEraTight is the ultimate all in one device, for a head-to-toe solution to RF heating. Visit the Lumenis website today, to learn more about the full capabilities of our NuEra technology.

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