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ASCD Industry Partners

The ASCD has a collaborative relationship with the cosmetic industry to support its educational activities.

To facilitate this support, the ASD has launched an Industry partners group. Those participating contribute in a number of ways, including:

  • Explore and develop industry supported User group education forums
  • Contribute to a Quarterly Cosmetic Dermatology Industry Trade journal “Opinions and progress in cosmetic Dermatology”, to be launched in December 2020 about new technology, efficient use of product, equipment, settings and procedures
  • Support for ASCD education activities
  • Priority in determining who will be selected as sponsors for the limited places available at the ASCD annual Symposium.

The establishment of a dedicated Trade Journal is particularly significant. it will be condition, or issue based, with input coming from practitioners, as well as the industry itself. It will be on line only and widely disseminated to the broad ASCD.