2023 ASCD Safety Course in Lasers, Energy Based and Surface Active Procedures

Enhanced Course 2.0

The Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists is proud to present our annual Safety Course in Lasers, Energy Based and Surface Active Procedures.

This course has been designed to be a diverse and comprehensive educational workshop, drawing on a wealth of global resources to provide the latest information and innovations in a field of practice that is evolving ever rapidly.

The 2023 enhanced program is an annual refresher course to ensure you are using best practice safety procedures on the devices you are operating daily.

One Day Virtual Workshop available from: 31 March – 14 April 2023

Course Exam available from: 14 April – 28 April 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to this incredibly interesting event.

Professor Greg Goodman
ASCD President


This workshop will focus on laser and light based device topics such as:

  • The physics, safety, and best equipment use practices.
  • The most current safety and best practice advice in relation to Covid19 and the effects this has on energy based device treatments
  • The world of non-energy based surface active devices
  • Technical and safety aspects of fractionated equipment such as needling, cautery, and radio frequency
  • Fat removal techniques
  • Chemical peeling
  • Skin lifting and tightening procedures
  • Patient factors and pre and post care

In 2023, we will also focus on The Challenges of Safety: Update in Energy Based and Tissue active. Topics include:

  • Treating Acne and sebaceous lesions with a 1726nm laser – concentrating on safety aspects
  • Utility and Safety Aspects of Electromagetic devices
  • Safety Aspects of Fractional devices
  • Safety Aspects of laser assisted drug delivery
  • Safety and utility submicrosecond and sub millisecond domains in the treatment of vascularity pigment and texture